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Bristol Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Bieger Law, PLC, helps workers in both Tennessee and Virginia navigate the complex bureaucracy of workers’ compensation in order to get fair compensation for work-related injuries. Attorney Dan Bieger has more than 30 years of experience representing clients in many types of cases. As with other personal injury cases, he approaches workers’ compensation strategically: He gathers all the evidence and presents a strong case to the decision makers to give clients the best chance of receiving all the benefits they may be entitled to.

If you have been injured on the job, speak with an experienced lawyer to discuss your workers’ comp claim. Contact Bieger Law, PLC, for a free consultation.

We Understand How The Workers’ Compensation System Works

In Tennessee, claims are administered by the state Department of Labor. We represent our clients during the initial hearing and work to get a claim approved right away. When a claim cannot be resolved the first time around, we take cases to the circuit court and advocate for fair compensation. Available compensation includes lost wages, medical expenses and special benefits for partial incapacity to work.

In Virginia, the Workers’ Compensation Commission is responsible for handling claims brought by employees. During the initial hearing before a deputy commissioner, we present all available evidence to the commissioner. If a claim is not initially approved, we can seek a second hearing before the full Commission and pursue review by the Virginia Court of Appeals until we get a favorable outcome. We have represented clients at every stage of appeal. Compensation in Virginia includes lost wages and medical expenses.

Bieger Law, PLC, has experience representing coal workers. We know the particular on-the-job injuries they face. Click here to read about our legal services.

We Know Why Claims Are Denied. We Work To Ensure They Are Approved.

Claims are commonly denied because of a lack of sufficient evidence like medical documentation. Decision makers also deny claims when workers fails to link their injuries to the accident they allege caused them.

Dan Bieger has the experience to avoid these common missteps. He works with doctors to gather appropriate medical evidence and diligently prepares all necessary paperwork. He ensures that a claim clearly lays out the cause of his client’s injuries.

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