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Bristol Criminal Defense Attorney

When developing the defense in a criminal case, strategy matters. The prosecution often strategizes in deciding which cases to take to trial and which to negotiate a plea bargain for. Prosecutors can also decide what types of sentences to pursue in court. Having a lawyer who understands how the prosecution thinks and acts can significantly improve your case.

Attorney Dan Bieger utilizes more than 30 years of trial experience in assisting his clients who face criminal charges ranging from assault and theft to drug possession and driving under the influence (DUI).

As a former prosecutor, he understands exactly how the other side is going to develop its case and seek the maximum penalty. He uses this knowledge to help his Tennessee and Virginia clients by assembling the strongest possible defense. While other lawyers can only guess how the prosecution will act, Dan Bieger anticipates and works proactively.

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Aggressive Legal Defense For Drug Crime Charges

Bieger Law, PLC, represents clients who face any type of drug charges. We know that the stakes are high in drug possession and manufacturing cases; punishments can range from one year in prison to a life sentence.

We work to position our clients to avoid the worst consequences of a drug-related charge. We pursue every opportunity to get a case dismissed based on lack of evidence or illegally obtained evidence. If a case cannot be dismissed, we can seek a plea bargain that allows our client to get into a drug diversion or treatment program instead of going to prison. When a case goes to trial, we work to ensure that it is conducted fairly. If a conviction is unavoidable, we advocate for fair sentences that allow our clients to resume their lives as soon as possible.

No matter the situation, we always fight to give our clients a fair shot.

Washington County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

We also assist individuals who have received traffic tickets and those arrested and charged with a DUI. We understand that a DUI conviction or an unresolved traffic ticket can severely impact the driver’s auto insurance rates, and if that person is a professional driver, it can even affect his or her commercial driver’s license (CDL), which is necessary for his or her job.

We work to get a DUI charge dismissed or tickets thrown out, but when this is not possible, we give our clients every opportunity to get a favorable outcome to their case.

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Bristol criminal defense lawyer Dan Bieger can help you or a loved one charged with a crime. Contact our Bristol, Tennessee, office online or call 423-573-4440 to schedule a free consultation.