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Coal Mining Issues In Bristol Virginia

Attorney Dan Bieger knows the particular dangers that coal workers in our region face. He worked as corporate counsel within the coal industry for years before becoming a personal injury attorney to represent injured plaintiffs. He has seen coal mines firsthand and understands the dangerous machinery involved in mining operations.

If you are a coal worker who has been injured on the job, contact Bieger Law, PLC. We have experience handling cases involving coal mining accidents and the injuries these accidents cause.

Washington County Mining Accident Lawyer

Dan Bieger knows the injuries that commonly result when machinery such as continuous miners and shuttle cars malfunctions. He knows that workers face the constant threat of falling rocks and debris. He has represented clients with all types of mining-related injuries, including:

  • •  Brain damage
  • •  Head injuries
  • •  Neck injuries
  • •  Back injuries
  • •  Severe trauma to limbs (including limbs that must be amputated)

When it comes to workers’ compensation claims for coal miners, Dan Bieger pursues every type of available compensation. Workers are commonly compensated for lost wages and medical benefits.

In a case where a workers’ compensation claim is not sufficient to cover the medical expenses of a qualified injured miner, we help the miner navigate the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) system to get additional benefits.

If there is suspicion that an accident was caused by faulty equipment, we can also pursue third-party claims against the manufacturer. In these cases, we can also seek compensation for lost earning capacity for workers who are unable to resume their pre-injury work.

Contact Bieger Law, PLC, For A Free Consultation To Discuss Your Injuries

Coal miners in Tennessee and Virginia work hard and expose themselves to significant danger every day. They should know they have an advocate on their side if they are injured on the job.

Dan Bieger has experience with coal mining issues in Bristol, Virginia, and Tennessee. He can help you get fair compensation for your work-related injuries. Call our Bristol office at 423-573-4440 or send us an email to schedule a free consultation.